Evolution of The Pacesetter State

From brown roofs and agrarian economy to the most industrialized state in Nigeria …Tale of a State of many firsts


Western Region's first

From the old Western province, Oyo was the seat of political power, as a result it was home to a number of firsts in Nigeria, University of Ibadan/UCH to mention a few.

Agric Driven economy

Proceeds from the Cocoa boom lead to the economic development of Oyo State, this was evidenced by the construction of the Cocoa House, the first sky scraper and many several edifices.


Multi-sectoral economy

With the oil boom in Nigeria, came internationalization and an influx of companies into Nigeria. Oyo State became home to many foreign investors in the Food and Beverage and Agriculture sector. Many of these investors settled in Oyo State and are here till date, suggestive of peace, tranquility and progress.

Towards an industralized economy

Although the brown roofs remain, they have become a cultural heritage and part of our history, Oyo State has truly emerged into a sprawling megacity, with shopping malls, modern housing estates offering smart city options, amazing tourist centres to name a few. Oyo State is boasting of the first and the best planned Special Economic Zones which is intercalated with the urban portions of the city. This is a blend of air freight services, aerotropolis, international flights, a landlocked port of destination, industrial parks, a Circular Road connecting the entire South Western Nigeria and a Free Trade Zone. This is the era of industrialization, we introduce you to Oyo State, Africa’s truly pacesetter State.

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