From the Governor

I am honoured to govern Oyo state at a time when we have made it our priority to create a conducive environment for you. A visit to our Pacesetter State will leave you in no doubt that Oyo State is ready for your investment.

Let me walk you through the wealth of opportunities that Oyo State has to offer and you will see why many, like you, are choosing Oyo State as their preferred investment destination.

Proximity to Seaport

We are about one hundred kilometers away from the Lagos Seaport. Or as we choose to say these days, just a train ride away. The new Lagos-Ibadan Standard Gauge Railway runs from Lagos Apapa Port into the Ibadan Inland Dry Port. This means your cargo will be in Oyo State just two hours after it arrives the sea port for clearance at the dry port.

Ease of Movement

Traffic congestion? Not in Oyo State. From the Circular Road to Moniya-Ijaye-Iseyin Road and the Agodi Gate - Old Ife Road - Airport, Adegbayi Ibadan, Oyo State has a road network that makes movement within the city hassle-free. Our well-coordinated Park Management System Further ensures ease of commuting.


In Oyo State, you do not have to worry about multiple taxation. We have harmonised our tax structure to eliminate multiple taxation.

Youthful Workforce

70% of the residents of Oyo State are aged 15 to 64. This mostly youthful workforce ensures that labour is readily available for businesses in Oyo State.


With our investment in security and the launch of the Western Nigeria Security Network code named Amotekun, Oyo State is set to join the ranks of safest places in the world. Add to this the traditional hospitality of the good people of Oyo State, and you will see why foreign investors see Oyo State as home away from home.

And more...

The Oluyole Free Trade Zone and Pacesetter Industrial Park on the Lagos Ibadan highway, offer investors unique advantages such as zero tariff/duty on export and cargo export through the upgraded Ibadan Airport.

As you read through this brochure you will find investment potentials in Agriculture, Tourism, Education, Healthcare, Security, and lots more. You will also find that we have abundant arable and affordable land. Our administration has made the process of acquiring land easier, faster and more efficient. You can obtain your Certificate of Occupancy within three months. In addition, we will process the necessary state permits for your business in a timely manner to facilitate your business registration.

I warmly invite you to “Invest in Oyo.”


Engr. Seyi Makinde

Executive Governor Oyo State

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