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The State’s Tourism Vision 

The state has recognised that the current tourism landscape requires investment in terms of infrastructural and aesthetic upgrade in order to attract sufficient tourism traffic in the State. To this end the State has decided to work towards revamping the sector in a bid to make Oyo State a preferred destination for tourism and leisure activities in Nigeria.

Oyo State is endowed with a wide variety of rich natural resources and cultural features that can be productively utilized for its tourism development. These include a variety of tourism attraction that has historical, cultural and artistic appeal. There is currently one nomination for in Oyo State for the award of UNESCO heritage site, the old Oyo National Park which has been nominated since 1995.

In general, tourism in Oyo State (including hotels and restaurants) contributes 0.48% to the State’s GSP, which translated to about $9.6 million in 2011. Tourism in Oyo State has recently been recognized as a huge opportunity especially with the discovery of new tourist sites which could lead to more revenue for the State.

Ongoing Initiatives

  • The State has renewed its drive towards development of tourist sites, evidenced by the discovery of four new natural and historic tourist sites in 2010.
  • In a bid to also further the tourism prospects, in Oyo State, the State Tourism Board has recently keyed into the opportunity  that abound in observing and promoting local festivals which can attract significant tourist traffic into the State.

The State also embarked on the evaluation of the potential of various tourist sites in the State. An example is the preservation of the memory of Sango in kosso community.

Some of the tourist sites in the State including the following:

S/N       Tourist Site                         Description
1 Ado Awaye Suspended Lake Suspended/ hanging lake on top of a rock with 350 steps leading to the top of the hill
2 Old Oyo National Park The ruins of the former administrative capital of “Oyo- Ile” including the relics of the city wall, the great “Agbaku” cave. Etc. 
3 Rock formation, Agbele, Igbeti The legend of a powerful and popular woman in the town with a baby on her back that went to a rocky side of the town to steal Yan flour, who when spotted by guards tuned into a rock
4 Captain Bowers Tower Erected in honor and memory of Captain Bowe, the first resident colonial Administration of Oyo group of provinces in December 1936 as a result of his effort at maintaining peace and social development in the whole of Yoruba towns and cities. 
5 Agodi Garden Garden with its variety of plants and animals equipped with entertainment facilities as well arts galleries. This is planned to be revamped into a world-class tourist centre
6 Akoru and Ofere Hills, Eruwa This gigantic natural endowment is of historic importance to the people of Eruwa and Ibarapa in general


Investment Opportunities: 

  1.  Agodi Parks and Gardens (Phase II)- The phase 1 of the Agodi Parks and Gardens, is currently a recreation and entertainment spot for the entire South West Nigeria, attracting a wide variety of individuals of different age ranges. It is a great picnic spot with clean grounds, lush vegetation, mini zoo, mini lake, gazebos, restaurants and a water slide, which makes it a combination of everything for a perfect relaxation experience.  About 55 Ha of undeveloped prime land has been allocated for Phase 2 within Agodi Parks and gardens for the development of a premium recreational and conferencing facility. This section of Agodi Parks and Gardens lies in a forest zone, and has immense eco-tourism development potential. 
  2. Eleyele Water Front Adventure Park- The Eleyele Waterfront is a proposed concept to convert the Eleyele River side to a tourist centre. The Eleyele dam was built in 1942 and it has become a cultural heritage site for the people of Ibadan. Opportunities exist to convert it into a an eco tourist attraction and adventure park. 


  1. Two key Prime Assets are available for the development of a 4/5 Star hotel and hospitality facility in Ibadan. 


    1. 8000m2 of vacant land that is suitable for a 4 star hotel and conferencing facility in Jericho Ibadan
    2. 3.5 Ha of fenced land at Mokola Hill which was proposed for a 4-star hotel. This land is just adjacent the Agodi Parks and Gardens and north of it lies the Cultural Centre, Mokola.


  1. Trans Motel, Akinola Maja Street, Jericho Ibadan- Tucked nicely in the prime area of Jericho Ibadan, is about 4.3 Ha of land proposed for high-end residential development. This area offers one of the best and serene locations for prime residential development in Ibadan.


  1. Trans-Wonderland- Redevelopment of the Trans-Wonderland into a world class entertainment centre.  The Trans-Wonderland is popularly known the Trans Amusement Park was erstwhile referred to as Nigeria's Disney World. The park covers a total area of 67 acres. Today, despite the park being a shadow of its former self. In spite of this, the park is still a popular entertainment venue in Ibadan and the South west Nigeria. 


    1. Ado Awaye Mountain Resorts: Rich in history and culture, Ado-Awaye is quickly becoming the tourist's paradise. From its formation to its mountains and plains, everything about the small town in Oyo state is a wonder. It houses the Iyake Lake is the only recognized suspended/hanging lake in Africa – one of the only two in the world after the Hanging Lake in Colorado. It has been named as one of the fascinating sites to visit in Nigeria as well as one of the seven wonders of Nigeria. It is said to be bottomless and have swallowed those who have tried to measure its depth.
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